Our Commitment to Food Safety

PJ Bold takes your safety seriously. That is why the FDA (United States) and the LFGB (Europe) have both authorized the food-grade silicone that we use to make our molds. With the assurance that our goods fulfill stringent safety standards, you can confidently craft your culinary masterpieces.

What are the FDA and LFGB?


U.S. government agency the Food and Drug Administration establishes guidelines for the safe handling of food, including the ingredients used in baking and storing it. Tests have been conducted to guarantee that FDA-approved silicone will not release any dangerous compounds into your meals.


A stringent set of safety requirements for materials that come into contact with food within the European Union is established by the LFGB. You may rest assured that the silicone will not alter the flavor or aroma of your food, thanks to its extensive testing procedures that cover more ground than simply chemical safety.

Why Do We Adhere to Both Standards?

Our goods go above and above to ensure your peace of mind, even though they meet safety standards set by the FDA or LFGB. Following these guidelines shows that we are serious about giving our customers all over the world the best silicone molds we can make. You can trust our molds to produce the highest quality delights for your loved ones and yourself.

Benefits of Using FDA and LFGB-Approved Silicone Molds

  • Nothing nasty seeping into your works of art.
  • All of your treats will come out in one piece because it is non-stick and have a simple release mechanism.
  • Quick and easy cleanup means you can bake instead of scrub.
  • Can tolerate extreme temperatures, therefore it's suitable for use in both the oven and the freezer.
  • Feel free to bake with our premium silicone molds for all your baking needs.

Comparison with Other Materials

Silicone molds stand out. They do better than metal and plastic. Metal can rust. Plastic can melt. But silicone? It stays strong. It doesn't stick. You won't fight to get your cake out. And it cleans easily. Just rinse and dry. No scrubbing. No fuss. It's safe for high heat. Use it in the oven. Use it in the freezer. It's safe from -40C to 240C (-40F to 464F). It doesn't matter. It works every time.

Certification and Quality Assurance Processes

We're serious about quality. Every mold we make goes through checks. We follow strict rules. These aren't just any rules. They're standards set by big names. The FDA in the U.S. The LFGB in Europe. When you get our mold, you know it's good. It's safe for your food. It won't change the taste. It won't leak chemicals.

Our Declaration of Conformance proves our molds are safe. It shows they meet strict standards. You can bake with peace of mind. The document is clear and simple. See it for yourself. It's your assurance of quality and safety.