Butter Molds

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purple butter moldSilicone Butter Mold Tray & Lid (Purple) Nonstick & BPA free
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blue butter moldSilicone Butter Mold Tray with Lid, Blue
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butter moldbutter mold tray
Silicone Butter Mold, Half Sheet, BlueSilicone Butter Mold, Half Sheet, Blue

Your Way to Magical Creations

Watch behind the scenes of PJ Bold to discover the artistry that goes into crafting the finest Butter Molds. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Shape Your Butter Bliss

Interested in creating a Butter Mold Tray for your unique needs? We also welcome custom orders, turning your unique visions into tasteful realities.

Craft, create, and customize with PJ Bold today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are made of high-quality, food-grade silicone. This material is strong. It handles heat well. It's also non-stick, making it easy to use.

Yes, you can. PJ Bold's Butter Molds work well for both freezing and baking. They are very versatile for cooking.

Yes, it's easy. The molds are made of non-stick silicone. This means you can remove butter easily without changing its shape. You can learn more about our silicone products.

Yes, we do. You can order custom molds. Visit our Custom Molds page to create your own designs.

Our molds are special. They use premium materials. They have a functional design. They also look good. This adds style to your kitchen. Check out more at PJ Bold.