Bear Gummy Mold

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Bear Silicone Mold, 3mL, 144 Cavity, Half Sheet, BlueBear Silicone Mold, 3mL, 144 Cavity, Half Sheet, Blue

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Create a warm and inviting sanctuary in your kitchen. If you're looking to produce some chewy candies that will make everyone happy, go no further than our Gummy Bear Molds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To make gummies, you usually don't need to spray silicone molds. Because it doesn't stay, demolding is a breeze, release agent is not required. On the other hand, delicate molds can be sprayed with cooking oil to bring out every feature.

You can use a variety of commonplace things in place of a gummy mold if you can't find one. Anything from an ice cube pan to small cookie cutters of different shapes to a baking sheet fitted with silicone cupcake liners will work. These alternatives provide various shapes and sizes, making your gummy-making adventure unique and fun.

To prevent the gummies from sticking, ensure that the silicone molds are dry and clean before you use them. You can release the gummies with a gentle bottom push or side flex without harming them because silicone is flexible. For recipes that tend to stick, chilling the gummies in the refrigerator after they've set can make removal even easier.

The recipe, as well as the kitchen's temperature and humidity, determine how quickly gummies in a gummy bear mold can set. Time frames ranging from twenty minutes to many hours are common. Wait until they are firm to the touch and readily peel off the mold to verify they have fully set.

Your handmade gummy bears won't cling together thanks to a fast coating of cornstarch and powdered sugar. This coating not only makes the gummies more delicious but also keeps them from sticking. Dust off any excess to avoid a gritty feel.