Mushroom Molds

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mushroom chocolate bar moldsmushroom chocolate bar molds
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Mushroom Candy MoldMushroom Candy Mold brief
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Mushroom Silicone Mold, 4mL, 126 Cavity, Half Sheet, BlueMushroom Silicone Mold, 4mL, 126 Cavity, Half Sheet, Blue
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Mushroom Candy Bar Mold, 6 Cavity, BlueMushroom Candy Bar Mold, 6 Cavity, Blue
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Mushroom Candy Bar Mold, Blue, 6 CavityMushroom Candy Bar Mold, Blue, 6 Cavity
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Small Mushroom Chocolate Bar Silicone Candy Mold Trays, 2 PackSmall Mushroom Chocolate Bar Silicone Candy Mold Trays, 2 Pack

Experience the Magic

And that's not all. Explore our production process that showcases the dedication that goes into every mushroom mold.

Ready to infuse the magic into your mushrooms? Need customization to add a unique touch?

We also create custom molds for your chocolate, candies, and other edible creations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Mushroom Chocolate Molds are dishwasher safe. Made with durable, food-safe materials, they can withstand the rigors of both hand washing and dishwashers, making cleanup a breeze.

Absolutely! While our molds are perfect for chocolate, they're versatile enough for a variety of uses. You can craft candies, gummies, fondant decorations, and more with these molds. Their FDA approved material ensures safety for various edible creations.

Yes, our Mushroom Molds are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures. They are oven safe, making them suitable for baking, and can also handle the cold if you want to make frozen treats.

The number of cavities in each Mushroom Mold varies. Please refer to the specific product details for the exact number of shapes per mold. This information helps in planning the quantity of your chocolate or candy batches.

Yes, our Magic Mushroom Molds are crafted with a non-stick surface to ensure easy release of your chocolates. The molds are designed to release the chocolates effortlessly while maintaining their intricate mushroom shapes.