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Frequently Asked Questions

To use silicone stamps, first, select the stamp you want to use. Press the stamp onto an ink pad or dab paint on it. Then, press it firmly onto your desired surface. Make sure to lift the stamp straight up to avoid any smudges.

Cleaning silicone stamps is straightforward. Start by wiping off any excess ink or paint from the stamp. Then, rinse the stamp under warm water. If needed, a mild soap can be applied to help remove stubborn residue. After cleaning, let the stamp air dry before storing it away.

Making silicone stamps from molds involves a few steps but is quite manageable. Begin by mixing silicone rubber according to the product's instructions. Pour the mixed silicone into a mold that has your desired design. Allow the silicone to cure as directed, which usually takes a few hours. Once cured, carefully remove the new stamp from the mold. You might need to trim the edges for a clean finish. This process allows you to create custom stamps for unique projects.

After using silicone stamps, dry them well. Place them flat or in a case for storage. Keep them away from sunlight and heat. This prevents damage and keeps them useful for longer.

Yes, silicone stamps work with many inks. They are compatible with dye inks, pigment inks, and permanent inks. Choose the right ink for your project. Always clean the stamps after use to prevent stains and maintain their condition.