How to make weed gummies

Ever crave a delicious gummy with a little extra kick? You're not alone! But skip the overpriced dispensary gummies and awaken your inner candy maker. Making your own edibles is surprisingly easy and way more fun.

I spent hours sifting through hundreds of recipes on how to make edible gummies to find the best ones, and now I'm sharing the secrets with you. No more endless browsing, this guide has everything you need to create potent and flavorful homemade gummies. 

Shhh! I will share the insidious secret of gummy flavors, too.

A bowl of edible gummies

Grab Gummy Making Gears!

Do you know what the secret to saving time in the kitchen is? It's gathering your supplies before you jump to the recipe. Well, no doubt it's the most essential step; otherwise, you will end up with an edible gummies recipe that will make even a garbage disposal cry. Just kidding! Here is a list of tools that you need for your culinary masterpiece:

Tools for edible gummy making

Heating and Mixing:

  • Saucepan: A medium-sized saucepan is ideal for heating the gelatin mixture.
  • Whisk: A sturdy whisk or spoon that will help in stirring the mixture.
  • Candy Thermometer: This helps ensure the gelatin mixture reaches the correct temperature for setting.

Molding and Filling:

  • Silicone Molds: If you want a neat and captivating presentation, silicone molds are must have. Buy them from reputable online stores or check out PJ Bold's mold collections.
  • Dropper (optional):  If you are new to making cannabis gummies it is suggested to use a dropper to avoid unexpected spills. Furthermore, a dropper can be helpful for accurately transferring the liquid mixture into the molds, especially for small or intricate shapes.

Remember, these are the essentials. Depending on your infused gummies recipe and desired level of control, you might find other tools helpful, but this list should get you started on your edible gummy-making journey!

Gummy Making

The Ultimate Gummy Ingredient List!

Now that you have gathered the necessary tools for your weed gummies recipe. Let's grab some essential ingredients:

  • Gelatin: Making weed gummies needs a fair quantity of gelatin. You can count it as the primary thickening agent in the recipe. Talking about quantity, three tablespoons are enough
  • CBD, THC, or marijuana: 1/8 to 1/4 cup of cannabis oil is good enough to keep you high. You can use less or more ( totally your personal preference) 
  • Fruit Juice: Use fresh juice, fruit puree, canned juice, or whatever is readily available to you.
  • Sweetener: Honey, natural sugar, sativa, or another sweetener will work fine.
  • Lemon Juice: 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for a bit of a tangy flavor.
  • Essential Extracts: essential extracts are optional, depending on your preferences and availability.

Ingredients Await, Let's Cook and Create!

Roll your sleeves up! Let's make weed gummies with added flavors and your personal touch.

Caution: The recipe requires a stove and ingredients boiling, which could be dangerous for young adults.

Step 1: Bloom the Gelatin: 

The main ingredient in the marijuana gummies recipe is gelatin. It will give a chewy texture to your gummies. All you need to do is sprinkle gelatin over cool water and let it sit for a few minutes to soften. 5 to 10 minutes will be enough.

Bloomed gelatin

Step 2: Heat the Mixture: 

Now pour fruit juice of your choice and gently heat it up. Add gelatin mixture and stir it nicely  over medium heat until it dissolves completely. Don't let it boil! Keep on medium heat for at least 5 minutes or until mixture thickens.

Step 3: Sweeten it Up: 

Stir in your chosen sweetener until thoroughly mixed. Add the required percentage of CBD and make sure there are no lumps in your THC gummies recipe. Now add lemon juice and let it cook for another 2 minutes.

Step 4: Flavor Frenzy: 

Add any desired flavor extracts at this point. You can even add a pinch of spices at this point. Just remember, a little spice goes a long way!

Step 5: Molding Magic: 

Ah! One of my favorite steps is molding and demolding edible gummies. Pour the warm mixture into your silicone molds. Use a dropper for extra precision if needed.

Step 6: Setting the Stage: 

Refrigerate the molds for a few hours or until the gummies are completely set. Now, turn the mold upside down in a tray and gently pat it. You will see how easily edible gummies release from the mold. 

And there you are! With home made recipes that can be customized to any extent. imagine any edible gummies flavor in the world and now you are able to make it. And next time if someone asks you about "how to make cannabis gummies" refer them to this easy guide.

How to Make Infused Gummies?

Don't want to go through all this preparation and making weed gummies? Nothing to worry about! You can turn store-bought, non-infused gummies into edibles with a few simple steps.

Ingredient list:

  • Non-infused gummies
  • CBD oil or THC

Instructions for Infusing Store-Bought Gummies:

Grab your gummies and put them in a saucepan on low heat. Stir slowly and let them melt. Now add the CBD oil and mix again. Put them into your favorite gummy mold, and you are done. The whole process will take 15 minutes, as you don't need any preparation or other tools.

Edible Gummies: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make cannabis-infused gummies?

It will take between 25 minutes to 40 minutes. But time can vary depending on which fruit puree you use and level of thickness you gummies require.

Why do I need to decarboxylate?

The aim of consuming edibles is to experience a psychoactive state, and decarboxylation is a process of extracting potency from cannabis. So, it's essential to decarboxylate correctly to get a kick; otherwise, you will end up with frustration.

Should I make cannabis gummies with oil or butter?

For infused gummies, CBD oil is more recommended than butter. Furthermore, some cannabis oils have a tasteless nature, which makes it easier to use them in pre-made gummies.

How strong should I make THC Gummy?

The dosage recommendation varies from person to person. So, it will be subject to personal preferences.

How much cannabis should I add to my gummies?

A standard edible gummies recipe contains 10mg to 20mg CBD. However you can change the dosage depending on your choice.

Making Edible Gummies at Home (Conclusion)

Making edible gummies gives you a lot of control over what you are consuming. Moreover, it gives you a chance to try any flavor that is not even available at local dispensaries. But it would help if you were careful about dosage. 

It is suggested that you get recommendations from your local dispensary. Furthermore, it's more budget-friendly than store-bought gummies. In short, it's a big win to make your weed gummies recipe in the comfort of your home .