Boosting Your Exercise Performance: Effects of Cannabis

Ready to head to the gym and make your hungry muscles buff? Who wouldn’t want a drop-dead sexy body that’s always ready to show off at the beach anytime? Of course, everyone wants to achieve that desirable look--but not all can. To achieve the goal, you need consistency and unwavering hard work and perseverance. However, in reality, everyone gets demotivated at some point especially when he or she has been trying hard for quite so long yet the ending seems unforeseeable.

To keep you going, you should grab a boost!

Thanks to science--it has revealed that one of the weed’s benefits to people’s health is to boost the performances of all athletes or fitness maniacs during training or exercise. However, though some studies have already claimed this clause, thorough research still needs to be done to fully prove and maximize cannabis safely and effectively.

Since the legalization of marijuana in several states of America, people who have been committed to making themselves healthy through exercise are attesting that weeds help them concentrate more; It helps them reduce stress and become stronger in lifting weights.

Cannabis maintains the athletes’ energetic mood which allows them to workout in longer hours. Because new methods of marijuana consumption have been discovered such as edibles, the lungs are spared from unwanted psychoactive effects of smoke, thus breathing will not be affected during exercise. Given such benefit of cannabis, athletes on states, where weeds are not yet legal, are hoping to experience too someday the benefits that marijuana has provided to some.

Effects of Cannabis On the Body?

Focusing on the two major compounds of cannabis out of seven hundred--THC and CBD, you have repeatedly heard from the previous articles how these two work. THC is responsible for the mind-altering effects, whereas CBD affects other parts of the system by decreasing appetite, relieving pain and stress, and signaling muscle and fat.

Effects On Exercise or Athletic Performance

Marijuana slows the body down--reading this, you probably become confused as to how it could maintain an energetic mood and boost a person to stay longer hours during a workout. The catch here is that--this incident only happens when THC levels are consumed at high doses. Your reflexes get slow that you might have difficulty in responding to a stimulus that needs immediate response such as a gunshot in a marathon.

Therefore, THC’s calming effect should be balanced with CBD which makes you more focused and energetic during training or gym session. Too much intake of any of these compounds might cause an imbalance that might cause more harm than good. Thus, do not self-medicate. Consult a physician or a weed health expert on the right amount of cannabis to be consumed along with the necessary precautions during exercise.

Effects on Muscles

The truth is, there are still ongoing studies whether cannabis has an effect in terms of muscle growth. As what you know, there are a lot of factors on how to make your muscles bigger and stronger. But for now, keep advantage first on how cannabis boosts you to do better in the gym. It's time to level up those reps and pounds.

Though a hint of weed’s importance during exercise was laid, there is still more information that needs to be proven to fully consider the advantage of cannabis to an athlete or gym junkie. By that time, it would surely be a great news to those who love to be fit and those who are trying but losing the motivation to keep on going. Remember the #bodygoals you are aiming for. Do you want that?