PJ Bold provides our business-to-business partners with professional molds at great prices. We produce our molds with silicone injection technology, which reduces their weight while providing you with maximum flexibility.

Candy Makers

Does your business manufacture gummies, candies, chocolates, or other edibles? PJ Bold can fulfill your fabrication needs — at a reduced cost! Please look through our catalog pages here to see the wide variety of mold designs we offer.
Contact us to discuss the number of molds you require, and the significant discounts we offer at that volume. These discounted orders require a minimum $150 purchase.
We are ready to work with you!


If your business sells either edibles or crafting supplies to consumers, then many of your customers may love to purchase our unique designs from you.
PJ Bold offers significant discounts on wholesale orders, depending on volume. 
Wholesale orders require a minimum $150 purchase. Our original molds could be a high-profit retail item for your business!
(Please note: we do not accept wholesale applications for reselling on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, or Etsy.)

Please fill out the form above for information about our B2B and Wholesale programs, or contact us by phone:

Tel: (816) 888 6535