How Cannabis Aid in Sleeping?

Good sleep promotes good health.

Imagine you are a smartphone that has been operating multiple applications all day. Socializing through social media, having fun playing a new game, and working with productivity tools are your daily activities that drain your energy from hundred to zero. With a help of a charger, it restores all the energy drained so the phone could again perform its mundane routine.

Sleep serves as your charger which helps in repairing damaged cells and restoring overall health. Unfortunately, not everyone could experience a complete quality sleep. Heavy demands from work or school or an existing medical condition cause difficulty of sleeping leading to poor performance and altered mood. In order to sleep, people resort to calming activities such as listening to mellow music, availing massage therapy, going to the spa, etc. However, these activities seem inadequate to fulfill the purpose that they serve in special conditions such as those in patients with chronic insomnia.

Gladly, with the help of the advancement of science, one could ease his or her difficulty in sleeping through cannabis. Here are some information on how cannabis could be your sleeping solution:

The Right Cannabis Strain

There are different strains of cannabis and each has its own effect on the body. Sativa, a strain that heightens the mood, is consumed by people who need the energy to function and pull through the day.

On the other hand, Indica, a downer, makes people sleepy--the exact strain that people with sleeping difficulty need. It has high terpene content which mainly functions as a sleeping aid. This makes this strain unique among the others.

Indica decreases the level of stress which thereby causes a calming effect. Taking cannabis before bedtime, on whatever method it is preferred, can help in relieving pain, helping the patient feel more relaxed, and ultimately allowing to sleep quickly and soundly. In addition, it helps in regulating your breathing pattern. Problems in breathing most often influence the sleep-wake cycle causing disturbances and poor sleep quality--but cannabis could help ease these issues out.

Using Cannabis to Sleep


Though there are a lot of methods on how to consume cannabis, the most recommended way of all is ingestion. Compared to smoking which is also a common method of using marijuana, eating cannabis-infused foods called edibles are more effective and safer as they have longer onset time and duration. Thus, it helps people to achieve the ideally complete number of sleep per day. However, the proper dosage of edibles should be considered.

It is advised to only consume at a minimum dose of 5 mg. Once effects are established within the tolerance level, that’s the only time when it could be adjusted to a higher dose. Remember that only doctors determine the amount of dose required to be taken. Causing more harm than good, overdosing might cause mind-altering effects that are beyond control. Hence, comply with the doctor’s advice before resorting to any dosage changes. Along with the use of cannabis, don’t forget to take it with natural sleeping aids such as chamomile and lavender. They work together well in helping you sleep soundly and comfortably.

As much as possible, never deprive yourself of having a good night sleep. Remember that it helps in cell repair and rejuvenation. So without sleep, how could you function well tomorrow and the succeeding days of your life? Nevertheless, your friend cannabis, after all, is here to help if ever you find yourself having a hard time sleeping.