Chocolate in Silicone Molds

Did you know it is super easy to make your assorted chocolates at home? All you need is chocolate and silicone molds.

Melt and pour chocolate in Silicone Molds and your delicate chocolate treats are ready! 

But do you know the best chocolate for molds?

And how to use silicone chocolate molds for creating and sharing happiness.

PJ Bold offers a range of silicone chocolate molds. You can find many designs of silicone molds and choose your favorite molds.

Let’s create your own chocolate and candy mold recipes and impress everyone with delicious treats that melt in your mouth.

Look out for Chocolate Options

We have two options for making treats with chocolate in silicone molds:

Candy melts & Traditional chocolate.

Chocolate molds by PJ Bold work well with both kinds of chocolate.

Let's look closer and see the best chocolate for molds for your chocolate treats.

Candy Melts:

Candy melts are flavourful edible ingredients used in baking and decorating. They are ideal for fun candy mold recipes because they melt super smoothly and set perfectly into molds.

Just melt and pour them into your chocolate molds and your beautiful molded candies are ready in vibrant colors.

Candy Melts

Traditional Chocolate:

There is no substitute for traditional chocolate. It tastes rich and perfectly classic. Candy melts cannot match the distinct flavor of dark, milk, or white chocolates.

But working with real chocolate takes a little extra effort. It needs a process called tempering. We'll explain all about that later!.

Traditional Chocolate

Mixing things up is always fun!

You can also combine candy melts and real chocolate. By mixing both, you can get those bright colors from the candy melts with the awesome rich taste of real chocolate. Mix them in the right amounts for the best results while melting chocolate for molds.

Combination of both candy melts and traditional chocolates

Ready to start exploring more?  Let's move on to melting techniques in the next section.

Preparing Your Chocolate for Molding

After selecting your chocolate, let's prepare it for the chocolate molds. Here is the method for melting chocolates:

Candy Melts:

Candy melts are easier to work with. Here are two standard methods for melting them:


Caution: Heating your chocolates or candy melts in the microwave without any precautions, will burn them.

So, it is better to heat them in short 30-second bursts. The steps to heat the candy melts in the microwave are as follows:

  1. Put your chocolates in a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Heat them for about 30 seconds, take them out, and stir to make the temperature even.
  3. Repeat the process until it looks smooth and creamy.

Melting some candy melts in microwave

Double Boiler

The double boiler method is slow and steady but it gives perfect results every time. And you don’t need to be extra careful while melting chocolates in a double boiler. The steps to heat the candy melts in a double boiler are as follows:

  1. Place a heatproof bowl over a pot of gently boiling water to make a double boiler.
  2. Put your candy melts into this bowl and keep stirring until it has a melted look with a smooth texture.
Chocolate melt in Boiler

Now, let’s learn the method to prepare traditional chocolate.

Traditional Chocolate:

Traditional chocolate needs more care to get that perfect shine and texture. Follow these methods while melting chocolate for molds:


Traditional chocolates can also be melted using the same microwave and double boiler method. If you want perfect results grab a cooking thermometer to check the temperature of the chocolate during the process. When the chocolate has a melted look and smooth consistency check its temperature. Your chocolate is good to go if the thermometer shows around 45 °C.

Melting traditional chocolate in a microwave


When we heat our chocolate and then cool it quickly, it changes the texture of the chocolate. This process gives chocolates a glossy shine and improves its appearance. Tempering makes your chocolate look appealing and smooth.

You have to make an effort in this step. It takes some time and practice to master it. But the results are worth it. Here are two common methods for tempering: seeding and tabling.


Add some finely chopped, unmelted chocolate to your melted chocolate batch. Stir and mix until smooth.

Melting Chocolate


This is a fun method. Pour melted chocolate on a cool marble surface, then scrape and spread until it thickens. Combine this with the rest of your melted chocolate.

Once your chocolate is smooth and flowy, it's mold time! We'll cover the best kind of chocolate molds next.

Chocolate Tempering

Selecting the Perfect Mold

Your chocolate is ready; it's time to choose the ideal mold to bring your creations to life! The world of chocolate molds is vast, so let's break down your options.

PJ Bold’s Silicone Molds

If you're new to chocolate making, silicone molds are awesome. They're super flexible, so your chocolates pop out easily. Plus, they come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes!  PJ Bold has a great selection; silicone works well for candy melts and traditional chocolate.

Silicon chocolate mold

PJ Bold's Advantage

PJ Bold makes cool molds for chocolates, candles, cakes, or even soaps. We use safe and FDA-approved materials.

And if you need something special, we can make a custom mold just for you! PJ Bold wants your treats to be as awesome as possible.

Ready to fill those molds? In the next section, we will explore some creative decorating ideas!

Creative Decorating Ideas

Your chocolates are made, now let's make them extra special. There are many ways to decorate chocolates.

Techniques for Adding Details Using Candy Melts

Follow these techniques to get creative with your candy melt creations:

  • Piping and Drizzling

To drizzle a hint of colors over your chocolates, melt some colorful candy melts and put them in a piping bag. You can also use a simple parchment paper cone. Now you can write messages, draw cool designs, or just drizzle those colors all over your chocolates.

Chocolate Hearts
  • Painting with a Brush

You can also use a food-safe brush. Dip it in melted candy. Now you can paint patterns, write words, or create fun textures on your treats.

Chocolate decoration ideas using candy melts

Let’s move on to decorating ideas for traditional chocolate.

Techniques for Adding Details Using Traditional Chocolate

It's easiest to decorate real chocolate when it's set a bit, but not rock-hard. This is the time for some tasty add-ins:

  • Flavor Infusions

A little pinch of citrus zest, some spices, or even a sprinkle of sea salt can really change the flavor of your chocolate.

  • Fillings

What about gooey surprise centers? Yes, please! Try caramel, ganache, a bit of fruit jam...even chopped nuts give a delicious crunch to chocolate.

Traditional chocolate decoration ideas

Experiment with flavors, textures, and colors to make your own assorted chocolates. Now, let's make sure they look as good as they taste!

Storing and Presenting Your Chocolates

You put so much love into making your chocolates, so of course, you want them to stay delicious! Here's how to keep them fresh and looking their best:

Storing Your Treats

  • Chocolate hates sunlight! The best place for them is a place that is cool, dry, and out of direct light.
  • Pop your chocolates in an airtight container. This keeps them fresh and stops them from picking up weird smells.
  • Chocolate can lose its shine and get a bit white in the fridge. It's okay for a short time in hot weather, but wrap them up tight first.

Candy melts tend to last longer than traditional chocolate. For the best taste, try to consume your chocolates within a week.

Presentation Ideas

Make your chocolates look as amazing as they taste! Here are a few ideas:

  • A pretty box with some tissue paper looks cute and keeps chocolates safe.
  • Foil or colorful cellophane wrappers on each chocolate look fancy.
  • If you're serving them at a get-together, arrange those beauties on a decorative plate!

Remember to enjoy and share! Your homemade chocolates made with love are sure to bring smiles wherever they end up.


Which type of chocolate should I use in silicone molds?

Most types of chocolate work in silicone molds. We advise using specific chocolate for molds. These chocolates have the ideal cocoa butter content. They melt easily, set smoothly, and are released perfectly from the molds. For beginners, candy melts are also a good choice for making chocolate in silicone molds.

My chocolate is full of air bubbles. What do I do?

Don't worry! Next time, after you pour the melted chocolate into your molds, give it a few good taps on the countertop. That usually gets rid of those air bubbles. And there is another thing you can consider, your chocolate should not be too thick when you melt it. If it's like pudding,  it's going to trap more air. You want it smooth and pourable for the best results.

How long should I wait after pouring the chocolates into the mold?

This depends on what kind of chocolate you're working with! The candy melts set up pretty fast. Regular chocolate takes a bit longer. Let your chocolates cool completely at room temperature. If you want to speed things up, you can place them in the fridge, but sometimes that makes them lose a little of their shine. Once the chocolates feel solid, they should come out of those silicone molds.


We have explored some interesting facts about homemade chocolate making. Silicon molds ensure a smoother and easier chocolate-making process for both candy melts and traditional chocolate.

PJ Bold’s has a wide collection of silicon chocolate molds so you can make your own assorted chocolates even easier. It's time to select your preferred chocolate, melt it, and pour it into chocolate molds. Show your creativity on these tiny treats and spread happiness.