Silicone Pillar Soap & Candle Mold

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The 25-centimetre-tall cylindrical pillar candles or soaps can be made with these pillar candle molds. Its extended lifespan and compatibility with various materials are ensured by its construction from sturdy, food-grade silicone. The finished candles or soaps can be delicately removed without causing any damage to their shape or details because of their non-stick surface and flexible construction.


  • Generous Size: This candle mold creates a 25cm tall cylindrical pillar.
  • Seamless Design: These silicone candle molds provide a smooth, polished finish.
  • Food-Grade Quality: Safe for both candles and soaps.


  • Easy Demolding: Peels away effortlessly from your finished creations.
  • Professional Results: These silicone pillar candle molds ensure a high-quality, flawless look.
  • Versatility: Works for a wide variety of waxes, soap bases, and even crafts.
  • Longevity: Designed for repeated use

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