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Whether you are just beginning your soap and candle-making hobby or a professional looking for a reliable pillar mold, you are in the right place! Introducing the unique silicone column mold from PJBOLD that is a MUST-HAVE in your tool kit. The main drawback you must have faced with other molds available on the market is that most of them are 2-piece molds with a break in between, which in turn affects the final results. But with our silicone mold, you will get a large-sized final product that is one seamless piece.

- Unleash your creativity to produce some remarkable products and results with our pillar mold for candles and soap.
- You can pour wax candles, organic and natural soaps, and also epoxy and resin.
- Use it to mold different parts for your art and craft project or create beautiful art and décor pieces.
- This mold can also be used for your at-home soap or candle-making business and will give you a new option for a product to add to your existing line.

- No more leaks, mishaps, or accidents with our silicone candle pillar mold that features a wide opening at one end of the tube which makes pouring easier.
- With 2 parts that snap on together easily to give you a superior grip, you can count on achieving a perfect tube with no irregularities.
- De-molding becomes an extremely easy process as this silicone mold will not stick to the material and can be peeled in a matter of seconds without leaving behind any seams to give you a super fine finish.

Made from high-quality flexible and durable silicone, this column mold will not crack or break under pressure and is sure to last you for a long time. This silicone pillar candle mold has a distinctive design that helps you churn out a solid 25 cm cylindrical column of soap or candle that is sure to stand out and set a trend.

Free from any harmful substances, BPA, or unpleasant odors, this silicone candle mold for pillar candles adheres to stringent international quality standards. The material is food grade safe, microwave and freezer safe, and can be used without having to worry about any interference or allergies.

Want to give the artist, crafts enthusiast, or hobbyist a thoughtful present for their special day? Our silicone column pillar mold is sure to make a wonderful gift to your family, friends, and loved ones for all festive and non-festive occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New year, and more!


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