Chocolate Mushroom Silicone Molds (2-Pack) for Unique Treats

  • Quantity: 2 Pack Silicone Candy Molds
  • Design: Unique Mushroom Shape
  • Candy Bar Dimensions: 6.2 x 3.1 x 0.4 inch
  • SiliCandy Bar Volume: 86.2 mL
  • Silicone Mold Dimensions: 8.7 x 4.1 x 0.5 inch
  • Material: Food-safe, BPA-Free Silicone
  • Quality: Professional-Grade, Patented Design
  • Temperature Range: -40F to 464F
  • Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean
  • Uses: Gummies, chocolates, candy, fondant, cake embellishments
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Add a touch of fun to your creations with these premium mushroom chocolate molds! Craft fun, mushroom-shaped treats safely with these food-grade silicone molds.

Key Features

  • Effortless Creations: No-fuss release for perfect mushroom shapes every time.
  • Durable and Versatile: These molds are tough and easy to clean – ideal for all your creative treats!
  • Perfect Size: Each mold produces generously sized candy bars measuring 6.2 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches with a volume of 86.2 mL.
  • Convenient 2-Pack: Get more done with two molds included in each pack.

Design and Material

  • Patented Mushroom Design: Craft perfectly shaped mushroom chocolates with ease.
  • Flexible & Non-Stick Effortlessly release your treats without damage or residue.
  • Endless Possibilities: From chocolates to gummies, these molds do it all!



BPA Free silicone. Non-stick material allows for easy release and is simple to clean. Oven and dishwasher safe! Temperature Range -40F to 464F.

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Experience the joy of fun treats with these delightful mushroom chocolate bar molds. Order your candy bar molds today!

Custom Mold:

Want to take your edibles to the next level? PJ Bold creates custom silicone molds designed specifically for your business.

Contact us today to start designing your unique candy molds and boost your brand!

    • Ideal for beginners and experienced candy makers alike
    • It's easy to clean, a simple hand wash with soapy water makes it new and ready for reuse.
    • Homemade Delights: Prepare unique chocolates and candies for yourself and loved ones.
    • Gifts & Parties: Impress with themed treats for birthdays, holidays, or special events.
    • Creative Baking: Incorporate your mushroom candies into cakes, cupcakes, and desserts.

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