Silicone Butter Mold Tray & Lid (Purple) Nonstick & BPA free

  • Quantity: 1 Silicone and 1 Lid
  • Color: Purple
  • Design: Tray with 4 butter stick cavities
  • Mold Size: 7.4 x 5.5 x 1.5 inch
  • Cavity Size: 8 Tablespoon Portions
  • Material: Food-grade silicone, BPA-Free
  • Quality: Professional-Grade, Patented Design
  • Temperature Range: -40C to 240C (-40F to 464F)
  • Properties: Non-sticky, Odorless, Flexible, non-toxic, Safe for Dishwasher, Microwave, Freezer and Fridge.
  • Uses: Butter, Cheese, Flavoring, Edible Bars, brownies, puddings, soap bars, ice cubes, and candles.
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These adorable butter molds have 4 butter cavities that can fit 4 standard-size butter sticks. Their 8-tablespoon measurements per cavity make scooping out 1 tablespoon of butter easy. It’s Dishwasher safe, non-sticky, and has high-temperature tolerance.  These silicone butter molds are perfectly suitable for baking and storage, All while keeping the kitchen clean! 


  • Our butter molds’ silicone makes it multipurpose! Perfect not only for butter but also for making garlic butter, herbal butter, cheese, brownies, puddings, energy bars, candy bars, chocolate bars, granola bars, soap bars, gummies, ice cubes, and candles, and don't be shy to use it for resin art as well!

Ease of Use

  • End polishing offers a non-sticky surface making it a perfect butter stick mold.
  • It is highly flexible making the butter come out with a gentle push from the back.
  • It's easy to clean, a simple hand wash with soapy water makes it new and ready for reuse.


  • Shape your butter or other items into nice blocks with equal sizes.
  • The lid on these thick molds keeps the flavor and freshness of your butter.
  • Can store market-bought butter for ages keeping the fridge odor and mess-free.
  • Non-sticky nature makes baking easy by effortlessly releasing perfectly shaped items.
  • Durable and reusable molds for countless batches of delicious treats
  • Keep our butter mold near you for hassle-free kitchen moments, time-saving, and adding a creative touch to cuisine!

Purchase links:

Amazon: PJ BOLD Silicone Butter Mold Tray with Lid, Purple

eBay: Silicone Butter Mold Tray with Lid, Green

Custom Mold:

Want to take your edibles, and crafts to the next level? PJ Bold creates custom butter molds designed specifically for your business.

Contact us today to start designing your unique candy molds and boost your brand!

    • 1 Silicone butter Mold & Lid
    • 4 Butter Stick Cavities
    • 8 Tablespoon Portions per cavity
    • Size: 7.4 x 5.5 x 1.5 inch
    • Butter Mold Tray can hold 4 standard-size butter sticks at a time and preserves the flavor and freshness with the included lid. 
    • Made from flexible, non-stick premium-grade silicone molds for effortless release and long-lasting durability
    • Food-grade silicone and BPA-free ensure the safety of your edibles

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