Foil Cupcake Liner - Green Leaf

  • Pattern: Features a vibrant green foil cupcake liner pattern, adding a decorative touch.
  • Amount: Each pack contains 100 foil cupcake liners, offering ample supply for baking projects.
  • Size Options: Suitable for both standard and mini foil cupcake liners.
  • Properties: Grease-resistant, ensuring a clean release from cupcake liners foil.
  • Use: Ideal for a variety of themed events, including eco-friendly ones.
  • Indication: Perfect for hinting at special ingredients, such as in cannabis-infused treats, using foil lined cupcake liners.
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The beautiful green leaf design on the Green Foil Cupcake Liners will provide a decorative touch to your baked goods. Cupcakes big and little will fit perfectly in the 100 grease-resistant liners that come in a package. These liners are perfect for various themed events, especially eco-friendly celebrations, and can subtly indicate special contents like cannabis-infused treats, enhancing both style and functionality in your culinary presentations.

Ideal For:

  • Themed Events: Enhances the decor at birthdays, garden parties, or eco-friendly celebrations.
  • Special Treats: Offers discreet yet festive butter molds to mark cannabis-infused edibles, supporting PJ Bold's focus on cannabis-related baking supplies.
  • Daily Baking: Brings a pop of color to everyday cupcakes and muffins with cupcake liners with foil.

Purchase links:

Amazon: Green Foil Cupcake Liner with Marijuana Leaf Design

Custom Mold:

Want to take your edibles, and crafts to the next level? PJ Bold offers a variety of foil liners as well.

Contact us today to start designing your unique candy molds and boost your brand!

  • Material: Made from grease-resistant foil cupcake liners material, ensuring colors stay vibrant during baking.
  • Design: Features a vibrant green foil cupcake liner design, perfect for adding a festive touch.
  • Size: Fits traditional cupcake pans, ideal for both mini foil cupcake liners and standard sizes.
  • Quantity: Pack includes 100 liners, suitable for large events or home baking.

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