Candy Depositor Machine
The Automated Universal Candy Depositor is a machine for making candy. It is easy to use. You set it up with a screen. It can make 60 Kg of candy every hour. It works with many molds. This machine is for anyone who makes candy. It helps make candy fast and well. It is good for businesses and people making candy at home.


Key Features

Let’s discuss the main highlights of this equipment.

Easy to Use

This Automated Universal Candy Depositor machine is simple to control. It has a clear screen. You set it up there. Making candy is easy with it.

High Productivity

The machine is fast. It makes 60 Kg of candy in an hour. This helps you make a lot of candy quickly. Good for businesses.

Flexible with Molds

You can use different molds. Both silicone and polycarbonate work. It fits molds up to 16.5 inches. This lets you make many candy types.

Versatile and Automated

It's smart and does things on its own. Two motors move the belt. It also decides how much candy to make. This is good for making different candies easily.

Good Support

The candy depositor machine comes with support. You can try it for 30 days. If you need help, you call. They also give you free parts for a year. This makes using the machine worry-free.

Benefits of Using the Candy Depositor

Let’s look at how can we take advantage of this machine.

Increased Production Speed

This machine speeds up candy-making. It produces 60 Kg of candy each hour. This means you can make a lot of candy quickly. It's good for big orders.

Consistency and Quality

All candies come out the same. The machine ensures they are uniform in size and shape. Your candies will look professional. Customers will like this.

Operational Efficiency

It's easy to start using the machine. Cleaning is also simple. This saves time and effort. You won't waste hours setting up or cleaning. More time can go into candy-making.

Practical Applications

Let’s explore what are the main applications of candy depositor machines..

Candy Making

The machine is perfect for making gummies, chocolates, and caramels. It handles these candies well. Making a variety of candies becomes simple and efficient. This versatility opens up new possibilities for candy creators.

Small Business Use

For small businesses, this candy depositor machine is a game-changer. It boosts candy production without needing more workers. Small businesses can expand their offerings. They can quickly respond to large orders. This efficiency can help them compete in the market.

Home Use

Hobbyists and home-based businesses find this machine very useful. It's great for making candies for parties, gifts, or small sales. The machine's ease of use means anyone can start making professional-quality candies at home. It encourages creativity and entrepreneurship.

Maintenance and Care

Let’s find out how can we clean and take care of this machine to use it for a long-lasting time effectively.

Cleaning Procedures

Clean the machine often with mild soap and water. Rinse it well. Dry it completely. Regular cleaning prevents damage and keeps the machine in good condition for years.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If the machine stops working, first check its power connection. Ensure it's properly plugged in. If you hear strange noises, inspect for blockages. Remove any candy pieces that are stuck. This will help the machine to operate smoothly again.


Can I use the machine for different types of candy?

Yes, you can. The machine works with gummies, chocolates, and caramels. It fits silicone and plastic molds. You can make many candy types. It is flexible.

How much candy can I make in an hour?

You can make 60 Kg of candy in one hour. This is a lot. It means you can fill big orders fast. It's good for making more candy in less time.

Is it easy to clean the machine?

Yes, it is easy. Use soap and water to clean it. Rinse well and dry it. Cleaning keeps the machine working well. It does not take much time.

What if I have a problem with the machine?

If you have a problem, call for help. You get support for a year. There is also a 30-day trial period. They can help solve your problem.

Can I use my molds with the machine?

Yes, you can use your molds. The machine fits molds up to 16.5 inches. It works with different mold sizes. This makes it useful for various candies.


The Automated Candy Depositor is easy to use and fast. It makes 60 Kg of candy every hour. It works with many molds. It's smart and does a lot on its own. You get support and free parts for a year.

Think about using this machine for your candy-making. It can help you make more candy quickly. It keeps all candies the same size and shape. It saves time on setup and cleaning. This machine could be good for your business. It makes candy-making easier and better.

Ready to make better candy? Try the PJ Bold Candy Depositor machine in your candy-making. It could change how you work. It's a smart move for any candy maker.