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Dutch Harvest Simply Hemp Organic Tea

Wow! Organic Loose Hemp Tea harvested straight from Dutch soil. Not stoned, still very yum. Hemp tea doesn't contain THC so you won't get high, sorry! It's a mild tasting herbal tea that has been around for thousands of years - and enjoyed ever since. We think it's time to rediscover this exceptional crop.

Hemp in its purest form: an infusion of pure hemp leaf - flower and seed. This hemp is organically grown on only natural fertilizer.
Taste: Fresh, mild, slightly sweet with a special pungent aftertaste.
Ingredients: Hemp Leaf, flours and seeds *

* This hemp is completely unsprayed and organically grown on only natural fertilizer.
Content: 40 grams
Caffeine Free

About Dutch Harvest:
Dutch Harvest serves tea with a mission: bringing hemp back in business. This Dutch startup company brings (hemp) tea from Dutch soil. The hemp leaves, -flowers and -seeds used for tea are organically grown in the north-east part of the Netherlands.

Dutch Harvest tea is not only a local product, the packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition, the tea is carefully assembled and packaged in a sheltered workshop.

Dutch Harvest hemp tea comes in a variety of blends that were composed by tea sommelier Karlijn Dapper.

Orders are shipped daily from Kansas City, MO 
Shipping transit times are typically 3-4 days.