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Marijuana Leaf Silicone Soap Mold Tray, 2 Pack, 12 Cavities

It’s Party Time! Guarantee success at your next gathering by surprising your pro-420 invitees with homemade marijuana themed soaps and desserts. Our “high” quality Cannabis soap molds will make perfectly shaped marijuana soaps or treats, sure to give your friends a chuckle, (or who knows… make them giggle uncontrollably) You’ll be the most popular person at the party as you pass around the snack plate - especially when your special guests get the munchies.

This professional “high” quality silicone mold is made of food safe silicone which is BPA free and non-toxic. Used to create soaps, body lotion bars, butter patties, edibles, snacks, crafts and other fun projects.

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Silicone Temperature Range: -40 to 445F (0-230C)

2 silicone molds

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