People just can’t get enough of weeds.

Cannabis takes everyone to great heights without actually giving them a lift. Because weeds provide an overwhelming sensation that transcends reality, people gush over to taste them in whatever ways possible.

There are two major ways on how to consume cannabis--smoking and eating. Marijuana, in some state of the US, is pretty much accessible and allowed like candies in stores. In spite of the convenient ways one could taste Marijuana, both methods have their own pros and cons that consumers need to consider.

So to help you become more knowledgeable of the things that set them apart, here are some differences you might need to be aware of:

Body Absorption

Anyone who has tried both methods might be already aware of how strong one is compared to the other. Edibles have longer onset time and are relatively stronger. If you tried eating a bunch of cannabis-infused candies, you will be surprised that you will feel more stoned than smoking a series of bongs. This can be simply explained by how the body absorbs cannabinoids. Unlike smoking, eating foods infused with cannabis allows metabolism of THC in the liver which is further converted into a metabolite that could freely cross to the brain’s blood-brain-barrier, resulting to a more intense feeling of euphoria.

Time of Effects

In smoking, effects could be felt instantly right after a hit. You would feel euphoria, relaxation, and sudden burst of energy and imagination which would wear off within an hour or so. This quick onset will tell you a friendly reminder of how much THC you have consumed--whether it is already too much that you need to stop.

As per the edible’s case, they need more time to be processed before they take effect. It usually occurs within 30 minutes to 2 hours. The waiting game makes consumers assume that nothing is happening, thereby they tend to consume more than what they ate. Then after a few hours, once THC is absorbed, they would feel an intense psychedelic feeling that they were never prepared for.

This is the typical scenario in most beginning cannabis-eaters. Thus, eating edibles should be started on small doses. Patience is the key. Take only the dosage you could tolerate before deciding to increase the dose.

Unhealthy Effects

Smoking is indeed pleasurable--no one can deny that. You know the fact that smoking weeds used to be strictly prohibited around the globe because of its psychotic effects. That is how experts used to perceive how strong weeds are. There has been contrasting debates whether smoking weed is safe or not. Some studies claim that inhaling cannabis smoke can cause cancer. Ironically, experts believe that the cannabis plant itself has anti-carcinogenic effects that could counteract cancer.

Meanwhile, edibles don’t have these problems about inhaling carcinogenic combustion. However, foods usually infused with cannabis are those that do not belong to the ‘healthy’ category such as candies, brownies, and biscuits. Though tasty, they are not relatively good for frequent consumption. Healthy options such as sweet potato fries and cannabis butter to salad should be on top of the list.

Weeds--no matter how they are consumed--would still take you to cloud nine. Smoking and eating marijuana have different ways on how to make you feel the ultimate sensation of happiness. It is just a matter of being knowledgeable of their differences and the wise consumption of each. If you have any weed-related questions, feel free to slide them down here.