Baking With Silicone Molds

Bake in any shape! Literally any. Silicone mold made it possible. 

In fact, you can create your own custom silicon molds as well.

Baking with silicon mold is easy and fun! 

Most importantly, no more worrying about sticking pans or irregular shapes.

But what is a silicone mold? How to use it in baking? What kind of options do we have in silicone molds? Don’t worry! We will answer them all in this blog. 

Also, find our favorite bake with silicone mold tips at the end. 

Let’s get started!

What is Silicone Mold?

A silicone mold is like­ a flexible container. It is made­ from a special rubber-like mate­rial we call silicone. These molds come­ in many different shapes and size­s. 

People use silicone­ molds for many reasons. They might use the­m for baking cakes or cookies. Or for crafting objects. Or e­ven for making things like soap bars or chocolate tre­ats.

Multiple silicone molds for baking.

Silicone molds are­ great! They don't stick to what's inside­. It's simple to take out what you made without ruining anything. The best part is you can use­ them over and over. This save­s money and is also good for the environme­nt.

Most Popular Silicon Mold Options for Baking:

Baking with molds offers many kinds of options to get creative in the kitchen. Some of the popular choices of silicone molds are as follows:

Chocolate Molds

Silicone molds are a perfect tool for making chocolates and candies. They are available in different shapes and designs. These molds make the chocolate-making process more fun.

Chocolate silicone mold.

Gummy Molds

Silicone molds can also help in making gummies. You can create your cute fruity snacks and sweets easily at home.

Silicone mold for making gummies.

Butter Molds

These molds also let you form your butter in different shapes and sizes. You can use them daily or on special occassions, whatever you prefer!

Silicone mold for making butter.

Cupcake Molds:

Cupcake molds are most commonly used in baking. You can have them in various shapes and sizes to make beautifully shaped cupcakes, muffins, or mini cakes.

Silicone mold for making cupcakes and muffins

Cookie Molds:

Silicone molds are a perfect choice for regular cookie shapes or fun designs. They not only help make perfect cookies but also make the process fun and easy.

Silicone mold for cookies.

If you are looking for high-quality silicone molds, you are at the right place. PJ Bold offers these molds in many shapes. Choose yours and start your baking adventure.

Custom Silicone Mold:

If you want to add a personal touch to your baking business, we have a solution for you! PJ Bold offers custom silicone molds that will be made as per your specifications. It can bring your ideas to life with quality and precision.

Now, let’s move forward and shed some light on the benefits of baking with molds.

The Benefits of Silicone Molds

Do you love baking but don't have the time for it? Do you hate the cleaning process after baking? If yes, baking with silicone molds is the right solution for you!

These tools offer full control in making your favorite chocolates, pastries, candies, and more. The good thing is that these molds don't rust like many other metal ones. They are durable enough to last for years, even after many washes.

Silicon molds for chocolate and candy.

Well, the benefits of baking with molds are countless. Let’s shed some light on a few that are linked to your concerns in the kitchen.


Silicone molds don't stick, so you don't need to grease them.

Durable and Long Lasting: 

They are built to last. They resist rust and stains, enduring regular use.


They are suitable for oven, freezer, and microwave, without burning baked goods.

Easy Release and Handling: 

Quick removal with bendable, twistable, and portable features.

Diverse Design Options: 

PJ Bold offers a wide array of shapes and patterns for both sweet and savory baking.

Easy Cleaning: 

These molds are simple to clean, ideal for busy bakers.

Baking with silicon molds is a great way to upgrade food preparation. They are easy to handle and efficient, perfect for any business or household with an active baker. 

Now that we've explored the incredible benefits of silicone molds, it's time to move to the next step. Let's discover how to choose the right silicone mold for your baking.

Choosing the Right Silicone Mold

When picking out silicone mold, size and shape play a big role in how your baking turns out. Depending on what you're making, you'll want to match the mold's size and shape to your baking project. 

Here are some handy tips for choosing the right silicone molds:

Consider the Recipe:

Think about the recipe you’re making. Choose a mold that complements it. 

For example, the mold should be small if you are making chocolates.

Think About the Occasion:

If it’s a special occasion (like a birthday or holiday), pick mold shapes that match the theme. Thankfully, PJ Bold offers custom mold options for unique shapes and designs.

Check for Temperature Compatibility: 

Make sure the chosen molds work with your recipe’s temperature requirements. 

Well, PJ Bold’s silicone molds can be used in oven, freezer, and microwave.

Don’t Forget About Cleanup:

Opt for molds that are easy to clean. Silicone molds are dishwasher-safe, saving you time and effort.

If you are new to baking, you should have some knowledge about how to use silicone baking molds. Let’s learn it together!

Preparation and Baking Tips

Before baking with silicone molds, we must get the preparations right. Here are some simple tips to ensure your baking process goes smoothly:

Grease the Molds:

Before pouring your batter or mixture, grease the molds to prevent sticking. Use a light coating of butter, oil, or non-stick spray. However, greasing is usually optional for silicone molds due to their non-stick properties.

Adjust the Temperature:

When using silicone molds, you need to adjust your baking temperature. Lower the temperature by about 25°F (14°C) compared to traditional metal pans. Silicone transfers heat differently, so a slight reduction helps prevent over-baking.

Placement in the Oven:

When baking with silicone molds, it's best to place them on a sturdy baking sheet before putting them in the oven. This helps distribute heat evenly and prevents the molds from tipping over.

If you want to achieve the best results from PJ Bold's silicone molds, you can try different ways. Fill the molds to different levels to achieve various effects. Plus, silicone molds are not just for baking. Use them in various creative projects, such as making soaps, candles, etc.

Now that we know about the preparation, let's also shed some light on the cleaning and maintenance. 

Cleaning and Maintenance of silicon molds

Once you are done baking with molds, it's time to clean them. No doubt, baking with silicon molds is fun, but they can accumulate grease very quickly. So, you must take care of your molds. Here are some tips to clean and maintain your molds for long-lasting use:

Cleaning the silicone molds.

  • You are supposed to wash the molds using warm water and a soft sponge.
  • Avoid using abrasive brushes or cleansers because they can cause damage.
  • After each use, rinse the mold with water to avoid staining or odour.
  • In case of stubborn stains, mix equal parts of water and vinegar for cleaning.
  • Before cleaning, check whether your mold is dishwasher safe (PJ bold molds are safe).
  • Air dry thoroughly after washing to prevent moisture build-up; do not use paper towels or dishcloths, as these may leave lint behind.

There are simple cleaning and maintenance tips that you can follow. They will ensure that your PJ Bold silicone molds stay in excellent condition for years. 

Now, let's discover some inspirations and silicone mold baking recipes.

Creative Ideas and Inspirations

PJ Bold’s silicone molds offer a world of creative possibilities. They are not just limited to traditional baking. Let’s explore some delightful ideas and inspirations:

Make Chocolates and candies in silicon Molds:

You can make all sorts of yummy treats with PJ Bold's molds. Shape your chocolates into bars or hearts. Create cute gummy candies in fun shapes like bears or berries. Try making chocolate-covered snacks like pretzels or nuts for a fancy touch.

Making chocolates using silicone molds.

Make Sweet and Savory Bites in silicon molds:

These molds aren't just for sweets, though. You can also bake mini cakes with pretty designs and shapes or make colorful jellies that look cool. You can even freeze flavored drinks like juice or coffee into cool shapes for parties.

Making cupcakes using silicone molds.

Beyond Food:

And it's not just about food! You can use these molds to make fancy soaps, unique coasters, and jewelry. Plus, pour melted wax into them to make your own cool candles for a cozy atmosphere at home.

Making candles using silicone molds.


Is it safe to bake with silicone molds?

Yes, it is totally safe to bake with silicone molds. Basically, silicone is a food-grade material, which means It is non-toxic and can resist heat Therefore, we can use it in the oven.

What are the steps of baking with silicone molds?

The following are the steps for baking with molds:

  1. First, prepare your dough or batter as per your recipe.
  2. Next, lightly grease the mold. You can also use a non-stick spray to prevent sticking.
  3. Fill the mold with the mixture that you prepared. Make sure not to overfill it
  4. To make handling easier, place the mold onto a baking sheet.  
  5. Bake in an oven pre-heated at the correct temperature as per your recipe’s instruction time duration given.  
  6. Take it out from the oven and allow it to cool before releasing the product from it.

What can I bake in silicone molds?

Silicone molds are versatile and can be used for various desserts and treats. You can bake small cakes, make chocolates, cookies, candies, truffles, and more.

Can silicon go in the oven?

Yes, silicone can go in the oven. Silicone is heat-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. This is the reason it is safe for baking. PJ Bold silicone molds are specially designed to be oven-safe, allowing you to bake your favorite treats easily.


Baking with silicone molds is an easy way to make tasty treats. This article explored the benefits of baking with molds. It also shows you ways to care­ for your molds, so they last long. PJ Bold has an extensive range of molds for baking. Their silicone is durable and can handle both he­at and cold. The molds from PJ Bold are super e­asy to use. After baking, they are super easy to clean. PJ Bold has all sorts of molds for chocolates, candies, and more­. If you like to bake at home, PJ Bold molds are­ perfect for you.