Cannabis Spa

Have you been feeling burnt out or been yearning to have a little breather from your day-to-day toxicity? Sometimes, all you need is a form of escape from all of life’s kerfuffles. Too much exposure to stress imposes harm on your health. You might not be aware of it now, but gradually, as things get heavier, they would become burdens putting unbearable weights on top of you. Your physical and mental health will get affected and consequently your overall well-being.

Don’t ever hesitate to give yourself a pampering session, even just for a while. The good news is, one of the things you could do to ease out life’s negativities is to indulge in a relaxing cannabis spa. Thank goodness that using cannabis for recreational use is now legal in some states of America. As long as the spas were organized with proper permits, then they are good to operate.

Legalization of Cannabis Spas

Though marijuana could be used legally for medical and recreational purposes, public consumption is still prohibited. Given this, you might be wondering if cannabis spas exist legally. In 2016, Denver, as one of the states that legalized marijuana, has enabled businesses to obtain permits to allow cannabis in their facilities. With the exception of liquor-licensed stores, establishments such as coffee shops, studios, and spas can already become cannabis-friendly joints.

Overview of the Cannabis Spa

From the name itself, cannabis spa provides a series of calming services such as massage therapies with the use of cannabis. Though marijuana is the main relaxing component, cannabis spas are not allowed to sell weeds or its products legally. They only provide private spaces for people to use them safely. Some businesses offer cannabis-friendly classes such as cooking, yoga, retreats, and other private events.

The Cannabis Massage

A growing trend in the cannabis industry, cannabis massage therapy has been the specialization of many cannabis spas in the country. Alike with the typical massages, it involves oils, lotions, salves, and any other products infused with CBD and THC--both had different effects that help in providing soothing sensations. Both of them work to provide the following benefits:

Pain Relief

Easing pain is one of CBD’s most potent effects. From head to toe and muscles to joints, on a scale of 1-10, you would certainly rate pain 0. Topical creams infused with cannabis are good in treating inflammation.

Deep Relaxation

Cannabis spa provides a double intensity of relaxation. You know that massage is already relaxing in nature, then what more when it is complemented with another relaxing component such as cannabis? You might be feeling like you are floating in the clouds--fluffy, peaceful, and white. Reviews revealed lesser stress, tension, and negative thoughts after experiencing the therapy. They feel more refreshed than the usual massage therapy they received next door. Cannabis increases skin’s sensitivity to the therapy’s soothing effects.

No Mind-altering Effects

Although creams had THC, you won’t experience any psychoactive effects because they won’t enter the bloodstream. Hence, your mind is free from any out-of-this-world sensations which would allow you to drive yourself safely at home.

So this coming weekend, why not spend a day at the nearest legally built cannabis spa? After all, you deserve a break from the tiring and stressful days of hard work. Go and experience a whole new level of relaxation.